Avi Pranish is a writer, musician, poet, academic, model, and loving husband. He is a former Naval Officer with a degree in engineering, a post-grad and an MBA. He believes in experiencing all the wonders of our journey here and this passion has allowed him to travel extensively.

Polymath Life is about appreciating the human experience as a whole. The objective is not to convince you of leading your life a certain way, rather to celebrate life as a human being. The subject matter is based around the experience, learnings and reflection of the author.

A polymath is generally described as a person who has broad knowledge and learning. Quite often Leonardo da Vinci comes to mind as a polymath from the Renaissance era, with the Vitruvian Man as a symbol for a polymath.

Who is this Site for?

  • Anyone who is interested in the human experience as a journey of discovery
  • This site is not meant to be a expert’s opinion on how to lead a polymath life, rather a journey where we can all celebrate life and learn from each other.